Nov 26, 2008

World's Best French Fries

Shortly after the race, my family encouraged me to get something to eat. I wasn't really hungry and the last thing in the world I wanted was pizza, but I went into the finisher's food court to have a look.

To my bewilderment and pleasant surprise, they had the most wonderful looking french fries that I have ever seen!

The best part was that they had these marvelous chunks or flakes of sea salt all over them! I loaded up a giant platter of fries and was shocked that nobody tried to stop me for taking so many!

I offered this platter to everyone and while they had a sample, they thought that the fries were far too salty for their taste. This just goes to show that my nutrition strategy must have somehow been off, as my body was clearly screaming for additional electrolytes and salt.

And I was more than happy to oblige with what I believe were the world's best tasting french fries!