Feb 5, 2009

Progress Update

Many of you have asked about how training is going for Ultraman.

Since finishing my dream of Ironman Arizona in November 2008, I have been plagued with IT band problems and have not run more than a total of 10 miles in the past 60 days. Further, I continue to be dealing with a horrendous malady on one of my toes that required an operation to remove a significant part of the underside of the toe.

The toe has never healed despite 5 different treatments from three different specialists. It remains a raw, weeping, oozing, open sore that's now about the size of a cherry pit and just as deep.

All this as background to say that the training is way behind and I am beginning to become concerned, but not panicked or overly alarmed. Once we fix this toe and the IT Bands, I know that I can intelligently get back into shape, but time is ticking and I am eager to get these issues behind me.

Just today, I had a highly-toxic acid treatment of some sort that is designed to eat away at this toe problem, but the pain of the acid in this open sore in literally unbearable.

I am eager to get back into the rythym of a daily routine and am looking forward to putting these problems behind me as soon as possible.