Sep 7, 2008

My First 100+ Mile Bike Workout

This morning I got up very early and headed up the San Gabriel River Trail. I started at the beach and ended up at the snow line in the mountains above Glendora. At mile #52, I was high up in the mountains in the pines, oaks and a wild rushing river. It was fantastic.

The total ride took 6 hours and 45 minutes, including a couple of stops for more water. On the return trip it was so windy that I had to pedal hard even on the downhill sections of the mountain pass because I was riding straight into a ferocious headwind!

I fueled correctly, hydrated consistently and took plenty of Electolytes; I had no issues, no problems and in reality, this ride was not as tough as many others where I was not as fully prepared.

I have a bike race coming up in a few weeks (The 104-mile Tour de Poway in the San Diego area), so this ride today was a good primer.

This was my longest ride ever on a bike, and while I was only averaging about 15 miles per hour, I am happy with the results and still find it hard to imagine that I actually completed over 100 miles on my bike and still got home in time for lunch! That was cool!