Jul 2, 2008


I tried everything.

Every pill. Every diet. Every scheme.

Every Internet program. Every weight loss book and protein shake.

I have done it all.

Nothing worked permanently until I stopped looking for the easy way out and buckled down for the hard, long road back to health and fitness.

Friends, there is no easy, quick, safe weight loss program.

I really don't know why we all look for the quick fix, but when it comes to safe weight loss, there is nothing simple or quick about it. To be totally candid, losing weight is hard work. Damn hard work and it takes a lot of discipline and focus. The moment you take your eye off the prize, the weight starts creeping back!

I do have the answer for permanent weight loss, most won't like this answer, but here goes:

It takes a combination of a lot of exercise where you are breathing relatively hard and sweating. You also need to lift weights or do isomentric exercises for muscle development. Finally, you really need to watch what you eat and how often you eat.

Portion control, timing of meals, the right mix of food types, the number of meals per day, etc. These are all critical factors.

Please understand that no pill will ever melt your fat away.

It will take a lot of hard work, a lot of exercise, a lot of sweating, a lot of discipline and a tremendous focus. I think that most people do not stick with their programs because it is simply a lot of work. So if you think about it as "work" you are probably doomed.

For me, I needed to set deadlines and events.

I knew I was training for an event, and I told a lot of people about it. If I did not finish, then I would have to tell everyone that I quit, and I certainly didn't want to face that! So my event was the Hawaii Ironman 70.3 and my next major event is the full Ironman 140.6 in Tempe Arizona in November 2008.

I also needed the additional accountability of a coach to make sure I stayed on track and did all the workouts.