Nov 26, 2008

Race Morning Reality

These are a few of my favorite photos. They reflect absolute panic and raw fear. I see myself in these photos and I remember exactly how I felt...Scared out of my wits!!

I was scared and nervous and anxious all at once. Just like you might feel before you step onto a stage with 100s in the audience, or perhaps how one might feel if upon returning home from a great New Years Eve party, they see flashing red lights at a mandatory checkpoint! The fear, the adrenaline, the anxiety...that's what it felt like and that's what these photos reflect.

Sure I knew that I had done everything I could have done to prepare, but I really did not feel like jumping in that freezing water on that very cold morning.

These shots really capture the deep thought and concern that was racing through my head right before the race. These photos reflect more about what I was feeling, and fearing, more than anything I could ever write.