Jun 19, 2008

My Coach and Equipment

My Coach:
I am very priviledged to be working with the world's leading researcher on Tri-Specific training issues, the #1 Podcaster and incredible coach for triathlon, David Warden.

We share a very strong interest in researching the facts and numbers and science of training. David works very closely with Joe Friel, the father of all Triathlon training and the author of nearly all leading Tri-specific training books, including the best selling Triathlete's Training Bible.

Our Relationship:
David is not a cheerleader coach, rather, his coaching is based on science and tracking the data.Recording the Workouts:I record every run with a heart rate monitor and GPS (Garmin Forerunner 405). The pace, HR, distance and all other relevant data is forwarded to David every day. I record every bike workout with a PowerMeter (Powertap 2.4 wireless by CycleOps). The watts produced by my cycling, along with my cadence, heart rate, speed and all other data, are recorded and sent to David for detailed analysis. Progress is monitored and tracked. New workouts are developed based upon my recent results.

My swim workouts take place in my Endless Pool (www.EndlessPools.com). This is a 9' x 12' above ground pool with an extremely powerful hydraulic motor that creates a current of up to 3 mph. I swim in this current like a salmon swimming upstream. I typically swim at about 2 - 2.25 mph in this pool, but I don't know how that will equate in open water. It's an incredible piece of engineering and we also use the pool on the weekends as a huge hot tub/spa. The pool was extremely expensive, and in hindsight, may not have been worth the expense. But I will say that it is definitely better than a lap pool because there are no walls to kick off; you are swimming in the current the entire time.

While I have some of the world's finest bikes and equipment, it won't make me any faster; speed is up to me.