Jun 19, 2008

Another Tri-Specific Website

I'm thinking about building a simple site to catalogue all the following that I typically have to constantly hunt around for:

Events, Results, Training Plans, Coaches, Camps, News, Equipment and Gear, Ironman.com, Pacing Calculators and Distance Converters, Personal Best Times and Events, Triathlon PodcastsArticles, Tri Clubs, Energy and Nutrition, Books and DVDs, Rentals, Clothing and race gear, Injury/Prevention and Treatment, VO2 Max, Blood Lactate and Chemistry, Sports Massage, Build your own website, Training Tips, Forums, Research, Magazines, Hydration Strategies, Product and Gear Reviews, Classifieds, Getting Aero, Travel and Hotel Bookings, Meal Plans, Retail Stores, Determining your Heart Rate Training Zones,

Some possible links: