Mar 11, 2009

Need Help!

I am behind on my training for Ultraman, but am not too worried. I remember how terrified I was of my first Ironman 70.3 and at the end I learned that I had been worried for nothing. Same thing for the full Ironman. So having completed both of those, I have a bit of confidence about my ability to takle these tough events. But right now, I am still suffering daily with the continuing plantar wart saga!

The toe is a huge problem and if any of you have some tips, cures, or ideas, I would really love to hear about them. Send me anything you have at Here is the problem: The plantar wart has been a big issue for nearly two years now. I have tried every single home remedy and over the counter freezing and acid program. These have all resulted in a huge gaping hole, but the wart still grows back.

Next, I went to a Podiatrist who used an acid injection right into the toe. It stung like crazy, caused huge blistering, a big chunk of skin fell off and the wart still returned. So after Ironman Arizona in Nov 2008, I went and had it surgically removed. They cut out a huge chunk of my toe and the wound did not heal for over two months; that is why I got so far behind in my training. The wound finally healed-over and the wart was still there.

Finally, I went to another Podiatrist who claimed to have just the cure. He said that surgery was not the way to go and instead, he used a very strong mixture that he has a pharmacy make just for this purpose. This is a very intense blend that includes:Salicylic acid, Podophyllum and Cantharidin. I have gone for three treatments, and each time it looks like it might be getting better, but it isn't. The darn thing is still there and I am constantly walking with a limp due to the extreme pain. It is as if the raw nerves are literally exposed like live wires, and every step, no matter how light, is a very painful experience that causes me to wince and limp.

So if you have any ideas at all, please let me know!