Jan 18, 2009

Goals Update: 2009 and Beyond

Well the time has come to update my goals. This is an annual process I've been doing since the sixth grade, every year, without fail, during the period between Christmas and New Year.

Regrettably, this year I was so pre-occupied with the final edits on my book, From Seat 2A to Ironman, that I let this process slip.

Part of the power in goal setting is to share your goals with others so that you've got a built in network of reinforcement and accountability. Getting a bit of ribbing from family and friends is a healthy way to reinforce those items which matter most to you.

I know, I've been doing it for literally 35 years (that's a fact!) and it's remarkable to review prior year's goals and see how many have been acheived.

As it relates to IronAmbition then, here are my fitness goals, aspirations and crazy dreams for 2009 and beyond. I will never achieve all of these in 2009, not even close, but you'd be amazed at the power of just listing your goals and letting your subconscious go to work for you 24x7 to try and figure out ways to make these happen.

Fitness and Event Objectives:

15 Correct Pull Ups
75 Push Ups
Bike: Double Century (200 miles)
Eliminate IT Band Problems
Eliminate Trigger Point Issue
Full Ironman Triathlon (DONE!)
Keep weight under 159 pounds
Less than 33" waist at BB
Run: 50 mile Ultramarathon
Run: Badwater 135
Run: Carp to Solvang (50 m.)
Run: LB to Carp. (112 mi.)
Run: SB 9-Trails (35 Miles)
Swim an open water 10K
Swim: Alcatraz to San Francisco
Swim: Catalina to L.B. (23 miles)
Swim: Entire Golden Gate Bridge
Swim: SB to Carp (10 Miles?)
Ultraman Canada (318 miles)

Objectives: Other

Publish From Seat 2A to Ironman
Buy 3 - 15 acre avocado ranch in Carpinteria
Write and publish a business book
Launch new division: Sales Acuity